Your free travel package with each Pass!

When you order a Eurail Pass, you will get a free travel package with very useful information. Why? Because we like you! And we want you to enjoy an incredible journey that you will never forget. This is what you will find in your pack.


The Eurail map shows the main rail routes in Europe, as well as all the discount ferry routes you can choose from. On the back of the map you will find additional maps with the approximate durations of the trips between the main European cities, as well as some great scenic routes. Use the map to trace your Interrail route and share it with the world!

The Interrail map is only included with an Interrail Global Pass.

Check the Interrail map


An Eurail Pass guide is included with each Interrail Global Pass where you will find information on how to use it. You can download the pass guide in one of the following languages:

English (4 MB)

Spanish (4 MB)

French (4 MB)

Italian (4 MB)

German (4 MB)

Ducth (4 MB)


The free Rail Planner app includes a schedule that you can see wherever you go. You can search for train schedules and connections, as well as if your train requires a reservation.

The application works without internet, so you will not have to pay the charges derived from the roaming service. Many Interrail travelers have told us that the application saved their lives!

Download the application for iPhone or Android for free.


Start planning your trip around Europe and decide which Interrail Pass is best for you!

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The Interrail map and the pass guide are published once a year. As part of the information can be modified throughout the year, you should always take a look at our website to find the most up-to-date version available.

What is Eurail?

Eurail takes you to your dream destinations in Europe. Our train passes give you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want!

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